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Our minimum subscription fees will not change in 2023

We are pleased to announce that our minimum fee structure will not increase for 2023. 

The minimum bill rates for the subscription fee are: 


  • PayPal Monthly Subscription - $300 to Start and $130 Per Month

  • Semi-Annual Agency Bill - $650

  • Annual - $1,200


This minimum subscription program is only available in Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina.  We are no longer offering the product in Virginia or New York.  

​There are new rules regarding minimum participation requirements.   Clients who have not reported payroll may be required to do so in order to continue receiving Certificates of Insurance.   This is an underwriting decision and may apply based on the number of Certificates, The Class of Business or Claims History.   


While we understand that there are clients truly bidding jobs in anticipation of hiring, we occasionally discover fraudulent practices.  If an employer is paying "cash under the table", this can create some very significant liabilities for all parties involved in this program.  If a client is making cash payments to uninsured subcontractors as a routine occurrence, we strongly recommend the purchase of a minimum premium workers' compensation policy in the name of the client.  If a client is not participating in a minimum premium workers' compensation policy, we strongly recommend guidance from a licensed insurance agent.     Every state has specific guidelines that may be complex; however, you should take the time to fully understand your insurance requirements as an employer.  Here's a website with a good outline of the various State Requirements.  Since we do not control third party sites and resources, we are not responsible for their availability, content or delivery of service. It should also be noted that other sites and resources may have different security and privacy policies than ours.


All participating clients and brokers will have access to a portal that facilitates payroll reporting, human resource management, claims, and viewing historical certificates of insurance.


We suggest that all employers download and read, How Employers Can Avoid Trouble.   




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